Monday, April 25, 2005

A Good Dream

The other night I had a really good dream. I was walking around the grounds of a school, and I was about a ten minute walk from the buildings, when a storm came up. It was raining really hard and the wind was blowing, and, as often happens in dreams, I couldn't run. A fog came up as I was trying to cut through a patch of trees, and I couldn't see anything. I started to panic, but then this guy who I didn't know came up behind me, and said my name. He said, "Let me help you," and grabbing my hand, walked ahead of me, holding branches out of the way for me.

Its been a long time since I had a simple dream like that and I woke up happy but disappointed to have woken up. I think that's a pretty typical kind of a dream for a girl raised on fairy tales to have, thought. I, of course, spent some time analyzing this dream, and I think it has significance on a couple of levels.

On the allegorical level, Jess and I were talking about how even when we think we're lost and alone, God knows us and can lead us. A lot of times I won't let God (or anyone) help me until i've gotten myself completely lost. As soon as the person in my dream took my hand, the fog started to lift and I could see a little better.

Similarly, we were talking about how the women's movement has taught us that we aren't enlightened and empowered women if we are willing to submit to the guidance of a man. We are raised on fairy tales and girl power, and the different value systems are always competing. I personally want to marry someone who I can trust to guide and protect me, but I have this idea that I'm not a strong woman unless I'm doing everything for myself.

Even if I never practice submission with a husband, I still need to get better at submitting to God's help and guidance. As my dream reminded me, its kind of nice to just be taken care of once in awhile.


Blogger brian feister said...

hey Megan!
you're one of those 20 or so people who are on my buddy list that i don't really talk to (and for that i apologize)... nonetheless, when i find myself at the computer i might check out a link in your profile or something. In any case i thought you might like to know that i've been very committed to being a better person and i think (hope) that i have made some changes for the better in the past 3 or 4 years. i have become a believer in Jesus as my lord and savior and am working hard within myself to put my faith in him and leave everything up to him. i don't want this to be too long so i'll end here but if you'd like to talk more you can call me any time (though i might have to call you back)... 302.562.0308

may love and peace be with you,
brian feister

11:01 AM  

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