Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knitting Away My Control Issues

I finally finished another knitting project! Nothing gets me motivated like a deadline. In this case, I was knitting a blanket for Baby Kyle, and while I intended to finish it earlier... like when he was born, or when Sara and Aron brought Kyle to camp... I didn't. But I did finish it in time for his baptism so that's good.

I used my favorite baby blanket pattern - the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the S'nB book. The blanket is usually supposed to be a 3x3 square (great because babies don't grow out of it too fast), but unfortunately along with the fact that I was knitting in a race against time to finish the last foot, I also ran out of yarn. I thought I had two more skeins at home, but when I returned home at 10 pm Saturday I discovered that I did not have more. Oops.

The perfectionist in me thought I should just postpone my blanket-giving yet again, but I reminded myself that I'm trying to be less anal about my projects. Not everything has to be symmetrical. I should use the yarn I have in creative ways rather than buying more yarn than I need so that things are completely uniform. So, used what I had. I stopped knitting about when I ran out of yarn, and it was actually about the dimensions of a normal rectangular baby blanket. The pattern was asymmetrical, but it actually looked kind of cool. I bound of
f the end which all green (or was it all blue, I can't remember) partly because I had more of that left, and partly for effect. Overall I liked the effect and was proud of myself for not being completely irked that it isn't completely uniform. Of course it did occur to me that Sara, being somewhat of a perfectionist like myself might try to fold it along the break in the pattern,
and then realize how off-center it is and be disoriented. But that's probably silly. Or is it?

Anyway, now that I'm done this blanket, I have a project to complete for the newest Shitama, and then I'm moving on to a new blanket that will be totally asymmetrical and fun, for a certain baby to be whose parents love things that are quirky and asymmetrical.


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