Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good things

1. Cloudy day walks. I took a walk around the neighborhood today. I hardly do this, but it was sort of gloomy and misty and really quiet. I even turned off my iPod for awhile, and took a break from listening to things like The Clash's Rock the Casbah, and a podcast of Sen. Barak Obama on the Diane Rehm Show, and spent time enjoying silence.

2. TV on the internet. Thanks to ABC's pioneering efforts last year, the networks now allow you to watch episodes of their most popular shows online after they have aired. This means that I can catch up on Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy without having to tape them. It also means that I am watching even more current shows than ever (see below).

3. Studio 60. This weekend I watched Studio 60 for the first time. The show is a fictional behind the scenes look at a sketch comedy show, written by the guy who did the West Wing. It actually showcases a really interesting dialog about faith, because one of the characters, loosely based on Kristen Chenowith, is a person of faith who acts on a SNL-like show. There are also a lot of themes dealing with women in different levels of the Hollywood scene. Hello, how can you go wrong with Aaron Sorkin, Matthew Perry, D. L. Hughley, Bradley Witford, Steven Webber, and Sarah Paulson?

4. Knitting Socks. I'm doing it, and its awesome. I'll post pictures when I'm farther alone. Not only is it very meditative and something I can do when I'm in meetings, but its productive and helps me connect with generations of women who knit. Jen and I were talking knitting on Saturday while we were tailgating, and it was awesome in a nerdy way.

5. Friends my age. A Jew, two Catholics and a Methodist walk into a Chinese restaurant... I got to college friends twice this week! I went to an interfaith prayer service (followed by dinner at a Chinese Restaurant) with Jen, Marti, and Bryna. I also went to the Maryland vs. Miami game with Jen and Rich. By the way: Miami players may rumble, but our fans storm the field when we win... or lose.


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