Saturday, April 05, 2008


I went to Ashlee's bridal shower today, which was fun. Afterwards, we had a conversation about things that scare us. I can't exactly remember how it started, but it was pretty fun. Here is a list of 10 things we are afraid of, ranked by level of threat to us in ascending order.

10. Octopuses. This didn't actually come up, but it is well-known that Bryna is afraid of them.

9. Scary Babies. Nothing is scarier than scary babies. If a toddler or child is demon possessed and attacks you, you can't just fight back. At the very least you're going to hesitate because its a baby.

8. Pooping while giving birth. It can be embarrassing, and apparently it can cause mental retardation.

7. Radio waves. They've got to be doing something crazy to us. With the Bluetooth and the WiFi and the cell towers and stuff...

6. Genetically modified food. Ashlee did a paper on this topic in college and her assessment is that its "way sketch." Watch for her upcoming movie "Anthropologically Blonde."

5. Conflict in the Middle East. Obviously this is a big deal.

4. Chimps with spears. How scary is this? They are developing technology to take over. And as with babies, if a chimp attacks you, you are going to hesitate before fighting back because they are furry and human-like.

3. Robots taking over the world. My phone is smarter than me, my roomba creeps me out, and I'm afraid my Bluetooth headset is going to crawl into my ear and take over my brain. And if a person built this robot and put my phone in it as a brain, we would seriously be in trouble.

2. Chimps and Robots together. I admit, I got this theory from Relevant podcast, but its a scary prospect.

1. Scientists might create a black hole in Geneva that would swallow the earth. But don't worry, they're pretty sure that won't happen.



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