Thursday, November 11, 2010

Emerging Adulthood Conference Resources

Here are a few additional resources on Emerging Adult ministry.

One of the keynote speakers was Kara Powell, from the Fuller Youth Institute. They are doing research on young adults transitioning from youth groups to college. The FYI website on Sticky Faith has a lot of research and resources. She also does training and resources for Youth Specialties, my favorite source of Youth Ministry training and resources.

The other keynote speaker was Christian Smith who is doing research on the religious lives of a cohort that he has been following for a few years. His book Soul Searching documents his findings on adolescents, and Souls in Transition follows up with them as emerging adults. These are sociological texts, so I've been told that the Soul Searching DVD is a good alternative if you find the book difficult to get through (and it features music from Switchfoot and Third Day!)

The Princeton Theological Seminary Institute for Youth Ministry hosted the Conference on Emerging Adulthood and their website also has some resources.


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