Monday, October 16, 2006

Growing up?

Its a internet era coming of age story. I grew up writing in journals. In 7th grade we got the internet and I discovered instant messenger. And then in college, the BLOG happened. I got a xanga, and it was pure bliss. I blogged, I had friends, we read and comment on each others' thoughts. Everyone was doing it. And a couple years later, I got a blogger. I couldn't let go of xanga, so I used it for personal stuff, and the other for spiritual reflection. Well, the day has come. None of my friends are on xanga anymore. Its so over. Its so... teenagerish. So, I'm making the switch. I'm integrating my life, my blogs, etc. Its like growing up and leaving childhood behind.

In other recent events....

I went back to my first blog entry on Xanga. A lot has changed. It's kind of weird.

I taught Sarah and Hagar (Genesis 16, 21:1-21) tonight in my girls' group. We were talking about girls and emotions, and how Sarah was impatient with God, and took things into her own hands, then lashed out at Hagar and Abraham. It was cool pointing out how the women in the Bible are subject to the social customs, but are still a big part of the narrative. We also got into questions about fact verse truth, and I was able to tell them that these stories were passed down to teach us about God and about our identity, and are not "journalism."

I'm trying to be more concise. And more interesting...?


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