Saturday, November 18, 2006


Greetings from Jacksonville! I'm in Florida for Exploration 2006, and like a good blogger I couldn't resist taking a minute to write. The conference is for people 18-25 who are considering ordained ministry. I was in the shuttle from the airport and a woman from Ohio (who I was next to on the plane) asked where I was from. She said she was originally from Pen-Del Conference too, and when I told her what town, she said, "Oh my gosh, you're at Amy's church. You're the youth director! And your dad is..." I was really freaked out, but as it happens, Anne Pruitt-Barnett is her mentor (who was also Amy's mentor). I see people who know my dad all the time, but that was the quickest it has ever come out... and the weirdest. She's cool though.

Its been a good time so far. I got here exhausted, but the hotel let me check in at 10:30 am and then I took a nap in the FABULOUS bed. Yay for the Hyatt. My roommates are nice, and the one who I am sharing a bed with also brought stuffed animal. And guess what... her giraffe is wearing a t-shirt from her summer camp. (pictures to come). That's right, two seminarians who sleep with stuffed animals. And Bonnie is here! It's been fun catching up with her.

Other stuff:
~Free Wesley Seminar t-shirt, so I could represent.
~lots of people MY age who are pursuing ministry.
~They assigned us to small groups- mine includes one of my roommates, another girl from Wesley, and the leaders are from DC.
~Took a seminar on personal life that ACTUALLY talked about being single in ministry... they even mentioned dating in ministry. This is something that isn't talked about much since so many pastors are already married when they start.
~Good food. Nay... GREAT food.
~Seminar by David McAllister-Wilson (Pres. of Wesley Sem) on creating a culture of Calling. I wasn't signed up for it, but I'm glad I went.
~Realizing there are a lot of young people who can the potential to liven up the church.
~Confirming my suspicion that people from Ohio are freakin' crazy. There are a million of them here, and since the Michigan v. Ohio came was today they were yelling "O-H-I-O" all day. Even in worship! Michiganders are almost as bad.
~I learned that people from Michigan are "Michiganders."
~the weather is great... not that I'm outside much.
~Free messenger bag, free planner with the schedule of events, all the scriptures and discussion questions and space to journal (!!!).
~Free, unlimited starbucks coffee. At stations all over the place. Free soda too. And cookies.
~I'm in room 1421... the number of The Apartment (where I lived in college).
~One of my roommates is named Emily, a girl in my group is named Emily, and a girl who came with Bonnie is named Emily.


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Sounds like an awesome time. ENJOY!

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