Monday, May 19, 2008


The other day I was in the car with one of my youth and we somehow got to joking that I turn into the Incredible Hulk when I'm upset. We were only joking, but I think anyone with a temper or mood swings can sort of understand the feeling of becoming something scary and beyond one's own control. If I have been a confused and moody Hulk-type creature the past few days, I'm starting to shrink back into some version of myself.

Yesterday I came home from church and slept from 1-5 pm. This did not do much to help my insanely out of wack sleep habits, but I did feel somewhat better afterwards. The evening was one of those rare times that my family is (mostly) all in one place and getting along. Erin is in Honduras, but Kellan, Kieron and Troy were all home, so Mom insisted on having a family dinner.

This used to be a daily thing, but lately everyone has been busy enough that one of my purses sat on the dinner table for about two weeks after we got back from California without being the way. We are definitely still creatures of habit, though. I accidentally sat in Kellan's seat, because Troy was in my seat, because Kieron was in Troy's seat. The offense was bad enough that Kellan picked up my juice and moved it to Erin's seat; I had no choice but to follow my juice. After this we had a whole meal with no fighting and then watched Juno as a family.

Today I am having a slightly productive day. My plan is to get one or two loads of laundry done, and start packing up for Camp. I also ordered a cardigan to wear at Ashlee's wedding (I don't want to officiate a wedding with bare shoulders). If I can make it to the bank and Walmart, I will call this day a success.


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