Thursday, September 22, 2005

The long way around

About a year ago, I referenced an illustration that C.S. Lewis presented in his book The Four Loves He points out that if you are at the top of a mountain, the quickest way to get down the mountain is often by a path that goes around and around. The best way often is the longest way.

That illustration really resonated with me then, and I'm beginning to realize even more how true it is. In the past year, I've seen some new scenery, experienced all too familiar sights, faced struggles, walked with others who encouraged me, parted with others who did not, parted with some of the ones who did encourage me, seen sunsets, and weathered storms. I've circled back around the mountain, and the view is a little clearer this time. Some familiar emotions are creeping back in, but in a new context, and my joy is unspeakably greater than before.

I am so grateful for God's faithfulness over the course of my journey this far. More than ever, I realize that God has placed a calling on my life, and God's promises are perfect. When I agreed to follow God, God agreed to go ahead of me and prepare the way. One lesson I learned this summer is that I need to trust God with every moment of my day, and every day of my life. It is amazing how things just worked out when I stopped and asked God to help me trust and obey.

The problem with the long way, besides the length, is the fact that you can't see around the bend in the road. All I see is a curve of road, and then nothing by sky and the ground below. All I can do is rest in God's promises, and praise God for giving me the freedom to do so.


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