Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Letter from Uganda

I got another letter from my sponsored child in Uganda. Here it is:

Dear my best friend How are you and your family For me I am fine plus all the family members I love you so much and I always pray for you My father is not well so please pray for him bye God bless you

Usually her letters are longer and written down by an adult at the Compassion project. This time she wrote it herself. She is in third grade, so this is no small task. When she wrote me in July, she also said that her father is sick. In Uganda, the prevalence of AIDS has gone down a great deal because of AIDS-prevention campaigns, but about 6.7% of adults were reported to have the HIV virus at the end of last year (avert.og). It seems likely that her father is infected.

I wonder what will happen to her if her father dies.


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