Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In the spirit of finals....

I only have one final, but I'm feeling very nostalgic for college, because I have so much to do before my final and I'm leaving the day after (not for home, for South Africa!!!). So, in the spirit of feeling like I'm back in college, I just checked facebook for the millionth time, I read Laura's latest blog post, and now I'm going to make a end of semester list.

Before South Africa:
  • One final
  • One week
  • No more oral typhoid vaccine pills (last one was today)
  • Finish study guide
  • Charge Conference
  • Staff Lunch (make a salad to take...)
  • Holiday Dinner in DC with College Park friends
  • Assemble/send care packages for college students from my church
  • Finalize Conference Youth Rally plans
  • Covered Dish Dinner @ Town Point
  • Put together advent reflection stations for the Covered Dish @ Town Point
  • Have a Youth Rally Info Meeting after Covered Dish @ Town Point
  • .....pack
  • Get my malaria medicine
  • Buy pressies for friends in South Africa
  • Call credit card company to alert them that I'm going to SA
  • Send-off and Closing for Chrysalis
  • I think there's more....


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