Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Burg

I had a brief visit in College-land this week... Jackie and I drove out to Frostburg to see Jess's apartment yesterday and spent the night. This was my first trip to the 'Burg. Jess lives in Edgewood Commons, which is owned by the same company as South Campus Commons in College Park (where I lived for 2 years); consequently the whole place looked eerily familiar. We got to see Danny, and meet their friend Mark. Jess made pot roast which was excellent, and we called everyone Jess could think of looking for a corkscrew. We found a corkscrew, Bee came over, and we spent the rest of the night hanging out around the table.

Most of my drinking is done with my parents or my aunts, so it was a nice change to be drinking with people my own age (and chuckling that those too young to drink)! Of course by midnight Jackie was ready to crash (having flown back from LA the night before), so the boys went home and the party wound down.

Jackie called the love seat, which left me with two small armchairs or the floor. So I laid the cushions from the two chairs on the floor and slept on those. I used to be able to sleep anywhere... floor... chair... field... etc. Last night I slept fitfully and when I woke up at 8:30 my head hurt and my back hurt and basically my whole body hurt. I am soooo not in college anymore.

The drive back was interesting. Motivated by the scenery and our newfound love (LOVE!) for the GPS device, Jackie and I were going to go to Harper's Ferry on the way back (I've never been), but then I-70 was shut down for awhile and the detour took us over and hour. While sitting in the car we took lots of pictures and imagined all the ways we could possible contrive to meet the guy in the car behind us (we named him Matt), but then he pulled off the detour road. That actually inspired us to make our own detour (we weren't following him), and skipped the rest of the traffic. We realized it would be dark by the time we got to Harper's Ferry, so we ended up just driving over the line into WV for the heck of it, and then going to dinner at Pizza Hut. Good times.

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