Thursday, January 03, 2008

the election season finally begins (!)

Politics is my sport. Honestly, I'm only the tiniest bit interested that the Redskins made the playoffs, but I love elections! The evoke a mixture of optimism and cynicism that I enjoy.

So after like 2 years of pregame coverage, we finally have results! Granted, this is like preseason, but its something more substantial than polls.

So I'm like in love with Barak Obama. Wait, that didn't sound intelligent at all. His message and vision resonate with me (is that better?) Of course, I've been going through an internal struggle over who I want to support. I first noticed Barak a few years ago (thanks to my dyed-in-the-wool Democrat Grama), and he has been involved in the movement to address the conflict in Darfur.

Then again, I have admired Hillary Clinton for years (there, I said it - go ahead and judge me!), but I she doesn't really inspire me. I think she would be a good president and she's not terribly far from me on most issues, but I'm not sure she would bring the kind of change I'm hoping for.

And then there's Edwards, whom I voted for last time. I really like him, I do. But again, I really want a leader who will unite people and inspire change and I'm just not sure he's the one.

I have a feeling I won't be devastated by the outcome from the primary season on the Democratic side. It does come as a surprise to me, however, that Edwards and Obama both beat out Clinton. That must be a bitter pill for her.

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