Sunday, January 13, 2008


I am so tired. This weekend was really long, but it was actually really great. Saturday morning was a discernment group, where I am meeting with others who are experiencing a feeling of being called to something. It was our first meeting and it was actually really helpful listening to other peoples' stories of how they have experienced God. Then, in the afternoon, we had our first leadership meeting of the new year, with our new administrative structure in place. It was a really good meeting, and I met with some of the members of our young peoples' ministry committee, where we mostly listened to the two youth about their vision for the ministry.

Today was also long, but good. I preached on singleness at all three services. It was really cool to have Jess, Loretta, Jackie, and my Uncle Tom all come to see me. I thought the message went pretty well, and a lot of people thanked me for speaking out in affirmation of single people (we are not incomplete!) I got to meet Jackie's sister Michelle, and Michelle's boyfriend at lunch. Then I went to Walmart to get playdough and went to set up youth group. We had two youth group meetings, which went pretty well and then went home. This was one of those weekends where I really felt good about the relationships I've formed in ministry. I love it when I can just sit and talk to kids, especially when they are willing to talk back.

One of the points I made in my sermon was this: when would I find time to have a boyfriend???

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