Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Big Fat Super Tuesday

Or, since today I was corrected when I said Fat Tuesday, we could call it Mardi Gras Super.

All through Church History tonight several of us were following the primary coverage online. During the break, one of my classmates actually read out the list of percentages in each state. It's cool to be around so many people who are excited - and hopeful - about the elections. At this point I'm excited that the Democratic race is so close.

That said, I'll throw out some more Obama support in the form of a sweet video.

Or, if you're looking for more substantial information, here's a cool piece I read in the Independent. The picture is from the rally I attended in Wilmington on Sunday (he won Delaware)! The rally was amazing because there was a truly diverse crowd - black, white, young, old. People you'd never expect to see at a political event mingled with people still dressed up from church. Teenagers were jumping and climbing on top of port-a-potties to see, and parents were lifting their children up to get a glimpse.

This is quite the exciting race!



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