Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh so Methodist

Yes, I'm alive. I have now been at Camp since the end of May, and have survived Challenge Course training, Canoe Instructor training, Leadership Team training, and Staff training. That's a lot of training. Our staff seems pretty good so far, so I'm thinking it will be a good summer.

Meanwhile, I am at Annual Conference. Or, to be exact, I am at the Hampton Inn on Chincoteague Island, where my parents, Kellan, Erin, two of her friends, and I are staying the night. I go back to Conference bright and early in the morning. So far things have not been too eventful... there hasn't been any uncomfortable discussion, which is oddly unnerving.

I just took a shower in a real inside shower, and the clean white hotel washcloth turned a gross grayish-brown. It was so nice to get clean though. I scrubbed my feet like there was no tomorrow. That clean will last... until I put my sandals back on.

Tomorrow I'll be at AC until lunch time, and then we are going back to Camp for the inaugural Camp Pecometh Summer Staff Alumni Picnic. Yay!


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