Friday, August 22, 2008

Road Trip 2.1

It is before 7 am and I am awake. That doesn't often happen but we are waiting for the Cedar Island Ferry and watching the sunrise.

So far the trip has been relaxing and a little bit surprising. Sunday we went to church in Hurlock, Md with Camp people, and afterwards we were invited to a fabulous church picnic complete with pot luck food and crabs! That afternoon we headed down to Williamsburg. We got there at 10 PM and were greeted by a 9 year old girl who chatted to us the whole time we were setting up our tent in the dark, despite our polite attempts to shoo her away. We worked at a camp all summer! Who let's their kid big random strangers in a campground at night? Oh right, the same people who let their kids run screaming through someone's campsite at 9:30 in the morning. These kids were close enough that we could hear them whispering.

Anyway, we spent a fabulous day at Colonial Williamsburg and did many educational and fun things. We ate dinner at this fabulous place called "Food for Thought" which not only had great food, but was themed around good conversation. We had question cards on the table and there were quotes everywhere. It was mostly American food but I had the Thai One On noodles which were amazing.

Tuesday morning we got up and drove down to Southern Shores where Sarah R was staying with her family. We got there in time to spend the afternoon at the beach and then go get dinner at the Rundown which was also pretty good.

While we were there we found out just how bad the Hurricane situation was down in Florida. I need to stop driving south during hurricane season. Our plan was to drive to Charleston on Wednesday, then on to Florida for the weekend (apparently Fay was planning to spend the weekend there too). So after some grumbling we drove to Ocracoke, stopping at the Wright Brothers Memorial and at Bubba's Too in Avon. Bubba's Too was really good although it wasn't as nice inside as the original Bubba's and apparently they do Mexican food as well as BBQ now. Why wouldn't they?

Ocracoke has been nice. We set the tent up in the dark again and then hit the beach for while. It was a beautiful night but the mosquitoes were awful. The bugs and the heat made it difficult to sleep but we managed to get up and spend some time in Ocracoke Village. I love it there! We stopped at Ocracoke Coffee Co, which offers free wifi. We also went to a bunch of cute shops and to Teach's Hole to see pirate crap. Blackbeard (Edward Teach) was killed near Ocracoke. We went into the shop but not the museum. We went back to the beach to catch up on sleep and then went to Howard's Pub for dinner. I had this amazing teriyaki tuna sandwich. It was heavenly.
So now we're headed to back to mainland NC and then south to Charleston and tomorrow we'll make another attempt at visiting Florida. I want to see gators!


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