Sunday, June 22, 2008

Risk Zones

On the challenge course (and with CC staff) we are constantly talking about getting out of our comfort zones and into our challenge zones. I have been personally trying to take more risks in my life for the last year or so - this is not something that comes naturally to me. Of course, we also talk about trusting our support system enough to step out.

I've been trying to trust the belay system though. God told me resign from my job and wait for new doors to open up. I'm hoping to travel more and do some new things. I'm trying to be more open with people. The challenge is recognizing when I'm being brave and when I might be acting stupid.

Its almost like a matter of good stewardship. I don't want to waste opportunities but I also don't want to throw away my life or my heart or my well-being. I was pondering over this today and I thought of the parable where the slave gets in trouble for burying the gold instead of investing it. The Message paraphrase of the passage says something like, "its criminal to live life without taking any risks."

Well, I certainly wouldn't want to be a criminal.

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