Saturday, July 05, 2008


I am on a whirlwind trip to Kane, PA for my great-uncle Ron's funeral. We left camp yesterday around 4 and now, 24 hours later we are headed back to Maryland. We didn't see Uncle Ron much but he was the last living sibling of my Grama who died in 2000. I don't think I've been to Kane since Great-Grampa Harry died in 2004. Who knows when I'll be back again.

We stopped by the house where my Grama grew up, since it will probably be sold now that Uncle Ron is gone. It is smaller than I remembered but the lawn is still cushy and the huge willow tree is still there. Erin and I were remembering hours of playing and picking blueberries in that yard when we were really little. Its sad to think that we probably won't ever go back to that house (without trespassing).

Its been nice hanging out with family today. Erin and I came to a few conclusions:

We are glad we have the type of family who has fun at funerals while still mourning our loved ones.

Our family is crazy.

The final test for a potential spouse is whether they can hang with our families.

When relatives ask what we're up to they are probably wondering how close we are to getting married.

Those relatives shouldn't hold their breath for weddings soon.

We are glad to have crazy families who like to see each other.


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