Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jurisdictional Conference

I'm currently in session at Jurisdictional Conference in Harrisburg. I am blogging illegally because not only are we not allowed to have laptops out but we also aren't supposed to have cell phones on in session.

Yesterday I sat through 35 minute interviews with 13 episcopal candidates (people who could become bishop). It was a long day, but I was also inspired to see so many wonderful female pastors. Many of them talked about attending seminary in a time when many still considered it unbiblical for women to become pastors. This was only 50 years ago! Of course we are still in the midst of the ascent to racial and gender equality.

At this moment we are hearing about Bishop Roy Sano, he first Japanese-American bishop. We have several Asian bishops but as yet no female Asian bishops.

I have been impressed at the efforts to include young people, including two deaf teens.


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