Saturday, October 18, 2008

A professional nerd?

Ok so I'm going to try not to edit this note and just present it as it pours out of my head. I wrote that last blog because sometimes I just can't help writing about the books I read, and the response that I got to it made me think...

One of the other things that I wanted to add to that note (but I was trying to keep it from being forever long) was that those characters all have special gifts that they try to put to good use, without seeing the redemptive value of those gifts. I wanted to add a paragraph talking about using your gifts as a way of seeking God and both opening up to and responding to grace. I am convinced that even the most random gifts and talents are avenues to God/good/etc.

So, Megan Shitama. (This is where I start lecturing myself). You are a person who loves to write essays about books you read for fun. You love both theology and reading books in Middle English. You read and routinely reference scholarly writings in which Lewis and Tolkien talk about the power of fantasy in faith formation. You fantasize about getting a Masters in Classical Lit. And while you tell everyone and their mom that you should do what you love and explore the talents that give you joy, it hasn't occurred to you that this might be, like, something you should pursue as part of your ministry?

Ok, back to first person. So I have been wandering in the desert of "what do I really want to do with my academic and professional life" and maybe this is something I should seriously consider. My calling is still to working with young people, but looking deeper into using stories to do that might be a legitimate option. Hmm...

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