Saturday, August 30, 2008

Real World Update

Ok, so I'm back from my road trip!

The rest of the trip was more of a whirlwind but still great. We drove all day and got to Charleston in time to check into the Not So Hostel (which I totally recommend) and then get dinner. We went to this great place called Jenine's Kitchen or something like that... it was good southern food, and we left very satisfied and with food babies of various sizes. Then we went back and played Scrabble because our glass end table had a Scrabble board built into it!

The next day we drove down to Vero Beach, Fl where we met up with Megan's friend Allison and her boyfriend Chris. We had dinner at a beachfront restaurant, which was lovely and then hung out. The next morning we got up and drove up to Gainesville to see my family. I always love seeing my cousins! We ended up going to my cousin's wife's parent's house, which was fun. I love how our families kind of blend into each other and it was totally natural for me to bring my two friends to a house that I'd never seen before. I got to catch up with some of my cousins and play with their adorable kids! I love hearing about all of the things my cousins are up to; going to law school, going into the family businesses, starting cooperatively owned grocery stores, etc... its all interesting. Seeing family makes me feel so much more grounded and connected.

So the next day we drove back. We got to Megan's house at like 2 am, and got to my house at 3 am. The next day I took Jonny to DC and hung out at Meredith's for awhile. Wednesday I went to work and then went down to Bmore for Bryna's birthday, and Thursday was my first day of classes (ok technically Monday was but I decided to skip so I could prolong my trip). I've done a lot of driving this week. Friday I went to camp to take care of some stuff and then hung out with Loretta, Ashleigh, Megan and Phil. Today I went to the UD vs. UMD game. Its been busy!

Tomorrow I am going to my church for the first time since before Camp! I'm back to the real world of school and work.



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