Thursday, October 02, 2008


Well, the election is coming up fast! I know that a lot of us have questions about voting and the election process, so I have taken it upon myself to gather some information.

If you haven't registered to vote yet, there is still time, but deadlines are coming up! You can register and get other information at Rock the Vote. The deadline to register in Maryland is October 14, but it varies from state to state.

Also, if you are traveling or at school, don't forget to request an absentee ballot. Google your state board of elections, and there will usually be downloadable absentee ballot requests. Again, the Maryland deadline is October 28, but check your state's deadline, and allow time for your ballot to come in the mail.

So once you are set up to vote, the question is... who are you voting for? Don't worry, I won't tell you who to vote for (most of you know what I would say anyway), but I have found a few voter guides and references that might be helpful. A progressive evangelical organization called Sojourners, which has ties to the United Methodist Church, has a voter guide that discusses a range of topics for Christians to consider. The United Methodist Church's General Board of Church and Society has also put together a very extensive voter guide that lists the UMC's official stance on different issues, and compares the stance of the McCain and Obama campaigns. Relevant Magazine also has a politics page with some info and discussion.

These resources are provided because we can let our faith influence our votes without imposing our beliefs on others. They are also intensional about raising a lot of different issues, because Christians need to remember that there is more to politics than regulating sex (abortion/gays). I hope these are helpful.



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