Monday, November 17, 2008

Visions of Wool

Now that I temporarily unemployed, I have fallen in love with knitting again. To me, knitting is a little bit like magic. When you look closely, it seems crazy - waving around a couple of sticks and tangling them up with some string and all of the sudden fabric appears. It feels a little bit like conjuring garments out of thin air (although in reality it is somewhat more labor-intensive and expensive than that). I never cease to be fascinated to see that I can actually create decent looking projects this way!

I recently finished my scarf in Bo Manor colors, which I began when Kieron made the varsity football team (he is now a junior in college). At least I have one more football season to wear it at Kellan's games. I currently have several projects on needles - socks for my mom, a baby blanket, and a knitted quilt. The socks should be done Thanksgiving week, the quilt by Christmas, and the blankie when I get to it. I was in my LYS yesterday with Jen, Rich and Bryna, and we were talking BBBBs (Big Bad Baby Blankets). Jen just finished one for a child who is now 2 and is starting another for someone who isn't even pregnant yet. The owner of the store told us that a lot of people our age just always have baby projects going, to be prepared for the next pregnant friend or relative. There's something so satisfying about making things, and I absolutely love making gifts for people. And what's better than knitting for babies.

Now that I'm becoming a fairly proficient knitter, I'm thinking about branching out to more difficult projects. Most of the sweaters I own are at least three years old so they are starting to wear out, and I'm thinking about trying to make one when I get past the Christmas knitting rush. I would need to start simple so I'm thinking about trying a beginners pattern with some chunky superwash merino wool. In addition to knitting I made a needle case for Megan G's birthday, and it got me thinking about taking up sewing again. I have often thought about making some of my own clothes, that is a sort of scary endeavor. Where will I find time for this crafting lifestyle? That I haven't figured out yet, but at least knitting travels well and can be picked up whenever you have a spare minute.



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