Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Made History!!! (And I cried...)

I can hardly believe it... it hasn't really sunk in yet. We are going to have a president who is bi-racial. Who is African-American. Who is young(ish) and idealistic and hopeful. Who claims that we are not red states and blue states but the United States. Two years ago I was hoping for this, but afraid that it wouldn't happen.

My thoughts are all jumbled right now, but I want to jot down a few reflections. I was more excited today than when I first voted in an election. Tonight, I watched the coverage hopefully and at 11 pm John Stewart (I was flipping between the Indecision '08 and BBC coverage) called the election and announced that Barack Obama was the next President of the United States. Seconds later the phone rang and it was my sister calling from Indonesia to celebrate and see if our mom was crying. A little later my aunt called to celebrate too.

As we watched the victory speech, I was struck by the enormity of this event. Grant Park in Chicago was an unbelievable sea of people, all so excited and moved. Jesse Jackson was in tears. Oprah was crammed into the crowd crying. When have you ever seen Oprah crammed into a crowd like a normal person? This is a movement where Oprah is just part of the crowd and the people are the heart of what is happening. I was in tears. We have taken a huge step toward racial justice. He has already inspired me to resist some of the cynicism that is the norm in American politics and erodes hope away. Our next president has the potential to face the world in a way that will win back the trust and respect of the world.

Yes we can.

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