Sunday, June 28, 2009

Like A Boss

So I have been at Camp for 6 weeks already ( 2 weeks so I didn't have to commute, Leadership Week, Staff Training, weeks 1 & 2 of campers). So far I am not quite sick of camp. Not even a camper hitting me in the face with a molten marshmallow (which fell to the ground and consequently got on my backpack and flip flop) can depress my love of camp.

Its been an interesting month and a half though. It feels so weird to be in charge. Like legitimately in charge. At first it felt strangely natural and I was uncannily calm. I can only attribute that to the remarkable grace of God and the fact that I have a lot of confidence in the leadership team. In the middle of week 1, however, the feelings of confidence started to fade. The honeymoon was over.

Its not that things are terrible, but people are not perfect and it is my job to help them improve. Plus it seems like the weather and even sometimes the campers are conspiring against us. So I spent a lot of time praying this weekend because I know God wants me to lead this team a certain way.

I remembered this weekend that as leadership we are here to encourage and keep people accountable. We need to do this in a positive way and that starts with me. This is such a new experience for me but so far I think it is going ok. The leadership team is full of competent people so I feel backed up and its only now becoming difficult to be in charge of my friends.

I continually build myself up by making up my own camp appropriate words to "Like A Boss" from the SNL Digital Short.

Jumpin on Splashdown! Like a boss
Writin' NPVs like a boss (notice of policy violations)
Like a boss!
Like a boss!