Saturday, July 04, 2009

Special Needs Week 2009

Special Needs Week is over, and it may have been the best I've seen. Things went really smoothly and Justin only had to do 41 loads of laundry (although there were rogue laundry washers as well). I'm always amazed at how well the staff does with our campers with special needs. Consider the fact that our counselors are roughly between the ages of 16 and 26 and many of them are new to being counselors in the first place. We put these people in situations that they never imagined themselves doing and they do an amazing job. This job isn't for everyone but many people find that they can deal with a lot more than they thought. You find yourself cleaning up poop and its not all that tragic.

What makes all the difference is the fact that people with special needs are just about the best people you could meet. They just overflow with love. As challenging as special needs camp can be, it is totally worth it to spend the week with these campers. They hug us, tell us they like us, show us what friendship looks like, and they teach us about faith. They remember us years later and are still excited to see us.

I love special needs week because it brings out the best in the staff and the campers. I can't really describe it without being cheesy. Its just awesome.