Friday, November 11, 2011

Love in Nicaragua

In October I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua on a mission trip with 8 other people from the Peninsula-Delaware Conference area.  We were hosted by an organization called El Ayudante, which helps to support churches and schools that work to feed and educate children in poor communities.  We visited several schools and churches, where we played, did crafts, sang songs, and encouraged the children to grow up to the be loved and gifted people God created them to be.  We were also able to leave donations of money and school supplies at each place.  

At each location I was blessed with the opportunity connect with a few kids, and I was reminded that kids everywhere are the same!  They love hugs and having their pictures taken.  They love to sing, they get a little too wound up when they have sugar and attention, and the boys can't resist the urge to inflate their empty juice boxes and stomp on them, making everyone jump!  It was hard for us to see such beautiful children living in poverty.  Most of schools and churches provide meals when they can, because many of the children would have very little to eat otherwise.  But, we were inspired by the way God has called people in these communities to help feed and teach these children so that they might have the chance to get out of their circumstances someday.  

One of the most special experiences for me was handing out leftover Pecometh t-shirts and dresses that some of our campers made.  I was honored to be able to connect our campers who are so blessed and generous with these children whose faces lit up when they were given new clothes that were just for them.  

Thanks to everyone who supported me financially and through prayer!  As I encountered poverty and injustice in Nicaragua, I was reminded that we also still have poverty and injustice in our own country as well.  It is a comfort to know that our church family is doing what we can to help people in our own community, in our own country, and around the world.  

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