Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Another college tradition revived... Saturday was the one day I could have actually studied all day... and I went shopping in Georgetown with my friends from college (what we always did on Study Day). Then again, I spent the afternoon with two Catholics and an apostate Catholic, and we tend to talk about church and Bible stuff a fair bit. I'm really glad I went, though. It was so great to go out to a nice restaurant, and hang out with people my age, and have everyone get carded, and talk. After dinner at Zaytinya (featured on Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels), we walked over to the National Christmas Tree and looked at all the little trees.

I love the conversations we have...

Marti said something about the pope, and someone asked what we thought about him.
Me: He kind of scares me...
Marti: Yeah, he's not Pope John Paul II.
Me: and he seems down on the Muslims
Jen: Yeah, I'm not a fan either
Me: of Muslims? or the Pope?
Jen: The Pope.
Me: (loudly) Yeah, that guy creeps me out!!!
Random doorman in top hat, who we had just passed: ME???
All: No, the Pope!

And then when we were looking at the Christmas trees (after reading that Yule Logs were actually a tribute to Thor), we found a lighted Nativity scene of the plastic variety. And lo... there was a real blond haired, blue eyed Baby Jesus. We were amused to no end, and kind of obnoxious.

Me: Oh my gosh, its a real live blond baby Jesus!
Marti: and baby lambs!
Me: Can we get our picture taken with Jesus?
Jen: Sure! Everybody get together...
Me: I wasn't serious, but ok. This seems wrong, partly because we just ate like four baby lambs (at dinner)

Me: You know, baby Jesus kind of looks scared.
Rich: Of course he is, he's the only white man in the Middle East.
Me: So that's how they knew he was the Messiah...

Anyway, exam is over... think it went ok. I'm packing now... I leave the house in 3 hours. I didn't realize Newark Airport was so far away. I'm going to be traveling for 2 days before I get to Cape Town.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious. :D It's too bad I didn't stay after the restaurant... Well, have a good trip!

5:30 PM  
Anonymous megan g said...

oh man...gotta love the "baby Jesus looks scared" thread. laughed to myself for about 5 minutes on that one :P

7:01 PM  

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