Monday, September 24, 2007

I've got magnets in my belly

One of the more bizarre toy recalls that happened recently involved a very gross safety hazard. Apparently, some of the toys contained powerful magnets, that if swallowed could wreak havoc on a child's intestines. The magnets would pinch together part of the child's insides, tearing or bruising them. Gross.

Sometimes I feel like I have magnets in my belly. Not literally of course. But every year after Camp (or when I used to come home from college), it feels so weird not to be surrounded by friends all the time. Even when I have week like this one where I saw Loretta/Erica, Pam, my College Friends, family, etc, I still end up feeling that lonely pull that wants to connect with people. Instead of my insides getting stuck together, I get stuck on trying to maintain something like that community. The obsessions that ensue can include the Sims, Ben and Jerry's (or other foods), Facebook, texting, etc.

Granted this week was so great socially, that I didn't get as much done at work or school as I should have. Its hard to find a healthy balance. Ugh. Can't we have Camp all year round?

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