Saturday, November 03, 2007

Meet me in St. Louis!

I'm in St. Louis at the National Youth Worker Convention! I'm going to make this short because there are people waiting for the computers (how like Camp). Anyway, this event is always awesome, and always exactly what I need. The year I came before was right at the beginning of my youth worker career, and the theme was about being brave enough in God to take risks. This year it is "Storyline" and they are talking all about how our story intersects with our story. This has been a really great time of discernment and rejuvenation for me, and its been fun hanging out with a couple other youth workers.

Today Jenn and I went to the Gateway Arch, which was awesome! Belay and Jenn's traveling gnome went with us and we took oh so many pictures. We are also both afraid of heights so that was awesome. Anyway, there will be pictures posted soon...

I love traveling!


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