Monday, February 11, 2008

David Palmer for President

Jen asked me if I think Mike Huckabee looks at all like President Logan from 24. Why.... yes, yes he does. I knew there was a reason I didn't quite trust him. Of course, besides party affiliation, I'm not sure how similar they are. In fact, Logan was very unlikable (and I couldn't find any pictures of him smiling), whereas Mike Huckabee is very likeable (all smiling pictures online) and I'd vote for him if wasn't against just about everything I stand for. As it happens, apparently lots of people have noticed the resemblance.

President Logan Mike Huckabee

Now the more important question is: Does Barack Obama remind you at all of President Palmer? Of course, they don't really look anything alike, but I have to say there have been times during this campaign that Barack said things that reminded me of the very president who got me through a couple years of the Bush Administration. When he was assassinated, my hopes died with him. But now, my hopes have been resurrected by another friendly and inspiring African-American man. And this one is a real person!

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