Thursday, December 21, 2006

Disselblom is lekker

Thank goodness some things are the same no matter where you are... like moderately popular bands who frequent college town venues. Last night I went with Santie to see a band, Disselblom, that was playing in Stellenbosch.... singing in Afrikaans. The music was good, and the nice thing was that I wasn't bothered with whether the lyrics were stupid, and I was under no obligation to laugh at the (many) jokes between the songs. The great part was that they played covers of "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" and "The Land Down Under." They sang in Afrikaans, then in English.

The band sounded kind of like BareNakedLadies, but with a girl who plays the keyboard and sings too. They had the stocky bald lead singer, with chunky glasses and stocky bald humor (lots of jokes about his lack of talent and cracks on his band mates). The lead guitar/singer looked like a taller friendlier Dr. McSteamy. Seriously. He was a really good singer, and sang a song in English. The chick singer was sort of an un-Goth Amy Lee, and she was pretty good too. The bass player looked like a less scary Freddie Krueger so that was kind of weird. The drummer really actually reminded me of what Garth from Wayne's World would look like, if he ever grew up, buzzed his hair, got a clean t-shirt and smart glasses. He went into this awesome drum solo, and his expression was soooo Garth. I wanted him to end with "I like to play."

After the show was over, Santie decided that I needed to meet the band because I came all the way from America (and she wanted to meet them). So we went back to where they were hanging out, and Santie introduced me and asked if we could take a picture. The girl singer called them all over, and they were like "What's going on?" I told them "Hi, I'm from America and I don't speak Afrikaans, but I liked your music!" They were all really nice and we took a group picture and it was awesome. Shame, McSteamy is married.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Megan I miss you! I got to see Erin but not you how wierd is that!? Sounds like you're having tons of fun. Can't wait to hear more bout it!

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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