Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dear Blog,

Today my brother made fun of me in the car because I have a blog. He says I don't know how to tell a story, and I told him that doesn't stop me. Then Troy said I always talk about crying in my car. So I went home and cried, and now I'm writing this blog.


Actually, then Kieron said that he was just kidding and he's read a couple blogs (of mine?). Troys says that most of the blogs he read on blogger were by people who were either knitters or pastors or both.

I went out to dinner with Kieron and Troy tonight, which was fun about a little profane. Kieron played his iPod and told us how every other song reminded him of a different dance in high school, etc. Then when I said "Save Tonight" reminded me of Kroonstad and started to tell them about how the guys I was with kept playing that song, and they said I always tell stories about songs. As if Kieron doesn't.

A Conversation while "Let It Be" was playing:
Me: Hey, remember on Sesame Street when they would sing this song, but they sang "Letter B" and had this big letter B that swayed?
Troy: Why would I remember that? When was the last time I watched Sesame Street?
Me: Well its been like 15 years since I watched it...
Troy: I wasn't even alive 15 years ago!

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