Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bread and Juice and Camp People

Today was World Communion Sunday, a day when Christians all over the world celebrate communion together. This happens every year in October, right when I'm getting over my Camp Withdrawal, but when its been a month or two since I've seen most of my Camp friends.

It always reminds me of one Galilean Service back in 2005; Galilean is a service where we focus on how God is speaking to us and respond by lighting candles and floating them on the water. When I went down to put my candle on the water, I noticed that all of the candles were bunched together. By the time I left, however, they had spread out over the glassy river, spread out farther than I had ever seen. They looked like a mirror image of the stars.

I had a sudden pang of sadness, along with gratitude, because it reminded me of our summer staff. We come together for ministry for a summer and form amazing bonds... but then we are sent out. It sucks when we are sent out. But then, when I think about how many awesome people I know, who are scattered across the country and world doing good work, it makes me so grateful.

Communion is about remembering. Re-membering. Literally, it means "putting back together." We re-member Jesus, and we re-member our community. When we celebrate World Communion Sunday, we re-member the church all over the world that is praying for each other and together we are working toward a better world. And that has makes all the difference for me when I am frustrated and wanting to change the world.


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