Monday, October 15, 2007

A "Normal" Week

This past week was Reading Week, and so I got to stay home! The interesting thing is that when I'm at school half of the week, time goes so quickly. Each week feels like two little weeks in which there isn't nearly enough time. This past week seemed to stretch on and on... in a good way. Monday and Tuesday I studied and went to a soccer game. I basically read and copied notes during what would have been class time. The highlight was reading for New Testament on my beach, while tanning.

Wednesday I had a really whole day off, and went down to Camp to walk the trails. This was partly just because they are accessible and familiar and partly because I wanted to see how walkable they will be for my youth retreat this weekend. There are places where you can't even tell there was a trail there! Richelle made me wear a long-sleeved shirt because of the poison ivy, but there was nothing I could do about the fact that I was wearing shorts.

The rest of my week was filled with lots of church stuff: Staff meeting and lunch (we are an all-female staff!), meetings, Roast Beef Supper, and lots of church and youth group. I also went to the JV and Varsity football games and a Field Hockey game.

Today (my day off) was fantastic. I got to DC around 3, and then walked down to DuPont Circle.

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The walk is about 4 miles and takes me down Embassy Row, which is really interesting. Then I browsed around DuPont a bit, and rode the metro back to Tenleytown, went to Whole Foods for study supplies and dinner, stopped at Starbucks, and walked back to Campus. Now I am studying. For my Church History Exam. Which is tomorrow. Actually, I'm writing a blog, but after four hours straight I need a break.


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