Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rock the Boat

This weekend was Rock the Boat, our fall leadership retreat for youth group. It went amazingly well! Last year's retreat went pretty well, and we had a good group, but its mostly just me and Pat leading, so I was really busy and rather stressed. This year I had Erica, and Sarah and Julia Robinson help, and then Mr. Gimmy came down on Saturday. Bob chaperoned Friday night and Pat chaperoned Saturday night. The girls all led Bible studies and the kids behaved really well.

It was so nice to be able to go set up one thing while someone was setting up other things. And to be able to lie down for five minutes after challenge course. Of course, it was kind of hard for me to let go of control of the lessons, but it is a great reminder that God is working even when I'm not in control.

The high point for me was Saturday night. We had each person decorate a votive, and then while Sarah led a study on Silence, Erica and I walked out to the "Old Outdoor Chapel" and lit candles, and set up the votives on a tray. Then we waited for the rest of the group (they were going to come for a time of silent prayer and candle-lighting).

While we were waiting, we sat in the chapel. It was a perfect night. The stars were out, the wind had died down and it wasn't that cold. We ended up having this amazing prayer time. First we prayed silently, and then we prayed out loud. We prayed for each kid by name, and I was just filled with gratitude for God and for my co-leaders, for the kids, and for being able to sit in such a beautiful place.

This was one of those weekends where I felt so blessed to have the job I have. I have a great youth group. And the group of kids we had on the retreat was great. They are just so unique and it is amazing to see how God is working in their lives. Its amazing to see how God uses my humble attempts at ministry.

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