Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Flight Diary

Over the last 24 hours I've seen some amusing things...

A college-aged guy reading a special collector's edition Twilight (the one that comes in a pretty box.

I talked to Pam and confessed my irrational fear that I hadn't arranged for Jackie to pick me up. Jackie called me about a half an hour later to confirm that she was picking me up.

I ate amazing ramen at a Japanese restaurant and was able to accurately guess the meaning of the name. Tomokazu means good friend or something similar.

They switched the departure gate for my Sydney flight three times while I waited - without making announcements.

I am sitting beside a guy who has the shaggy/pretty look of a model for a surfing company. He slept from take-off until 12 hours into our 14 hour flight and has not used the bathroom. I suspect he is wearing a diaper.

Across the aisle from me there is a grandfatherly Australian with all four middle seats to himself. About 8 hours into the flight he switched with me so I could lie down for awhile. He said I looked like I was about to die from needing sleep. Bless him.

Anyway, it just hit me that I am on vacation. I have been thinking of this as a trip - with lots to accomplish, but now it occurs to me that I should attempt some measure of relaxation. I'll work on that.

We are making our final descent. I'll post this when we land in Sydney!


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