Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tired but Happy

I had this whole post planned, but I'm really tired. Instead of a reflection on how gifted my friends are, I'm going to write a list of things that happened so far this weekend.

Erica and I helped Loretta prep her living room for painting, while we watched/listened to Harry Potter 1 and 2.

We stayed up until 3 am.

Went to a Camp Pecometh Staff Alumni Association meeting.

Then went to Maryland Football game. Tailgated with Rich, Jen, Ashlee, and Matt, and Jen's friend Alison. The Game sucked, but the band was awesome (they did the Thriller Dance, which was awesome). Looked for Sarah Reynolds but didn't see her. Had fun talking to Jen. Went to Chipotle for dinner.

ACTUALLY felt nostalgic for college and College Park. Forgot how freakin' big the campus is, and took us the wrong way to Chipotle.

While at the game Sarah Robinson called. She is planning the games for our Middle School Halloween Party. Its going to be awesome.

Drove home, stopping at Loretta's to grab my cell phone charger and leave her a note.

I'm tired but I love my friends.


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