Monday, February 25, 2008

Check These Out

Here are some headlines to check out and a little commentary. Don't worry, in an attempt to not be totally depressing, I added some headlines from's entertainment page.

Sudan restarts Darfur Bombing. Even China is calling for Sudan to let peacekeeping forces do their job.

Britney Spears visits her sons
. Britney finally said, "'Ello love" to her sons after two months. Meanwhile the media does their best to make her the new Anna Nicole Smith.

Study on American Faith. What? People are growing up and leaving their home churches?

Fighting over Obama picture. I am completely depressed that a picture of Obama in traditional African garb and turban is an issue. He's a professing member of a mainline US church, but would it be so bad if he was Muslim? Newsflash people: not all Muslims are terrorists. Do all Christians bomb abortion clinics?

Huckabee on SNL. Mike Huckabee continues to prove that he is either crazy, or an elaborate hoax masterminded by Stephen Colbert.

Life for Afghan women. It sucks to be a woman in Afghanistan, and people are losing interest in helping to make things better. Helping women in Afghanistan is so 2002.

"B*tch is the new black!" Video of Tina Fey commenting on Hillary Clinton. Heck yes. I may not have voted for Hillary, but I still think a lot of the arguments against her are stupid.

Food shortages around the world. As the possible recession in America makes it difficult for middle class people to shop at Whole Foods, the poor in this country and others are going hungry.

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